Transform your business with our loyalty solutions. Connect With Our Experts Today!

Transform your business with our loyalty solutions. Connect With Our Experts Today!

Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Services in Singapore


Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Services

Design better B2B Channel Loyalty Programs

Transforming B2B relationships

The B2B digital journey consistently strives to design & bring forth a connected and digitalised eco-system which allows brands to complement in-store experiences with a seamless set of digital enablers. Creating robust O2O relationship strategy and solutions on loyalty and engagement. PRMMS will work to bring together business enablers within a unified environment across your business value chain.

Loyalty in the B2B space brings business growth, opportunities to gain a stronger foothold in market share, accelerated sales performances & nurture recognition and most importantly brand experience. Channel partners are your brand ambassadors in the busy consumer space, the connected touchpoint can bring greater relevance of your brand and solutions.


With more than 20 years of experience helping the world’s most valuable brands grow their business, let us help to elevate yours to the next level!

Are you looking at

1. Rewarding your sales team
2. Incentivizing your retailers & partners
3. Send personalised communications
4. Have good insights to make good business decisions
5. Measure performance & sales
6. Build a relationship with your MVC

Shaping future-ready workflow automation, training journeys, operational efficiencies, trade interactions, sales performance, CRM & sustainable partner relationships. We want to be a part of your loyalty journey. Drop us a note & we’d connect with you shortly.

PRM Singapore

Speak with us today to discover ways that can integrate your business objectives with an ecosystem to accelerate digital transformation.

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Back-to-back wins Relationship Marketing AOTY​
Agency of the year and multi-gold awards in

Engagement Strategy B2B & B2C, CRM Strategy, Rewards & Incentive, Best use of Technology, Marketing Excellence B2B, Loyalty Marketing + Silver & Bronze awards across multiple loyalty marketing categories over the years.​

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