We are happy to announce the completion of transition for our business operations across APAC, EMEA and NA markets. The transition marks a major milestone for PRMMS in accelerating its Loyalty and Relationship Marketing business independently which has been growing for two decades across APAC markets. PRMMS is led by JB Ray, CEO, who has been spearheading its CRM and PRM business since 2003.

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We are honored to be receive the overall title of RELATIONSHIP MARKETING AGENCY OF THE YEAR in the 9th Edition of the LOYALTY & ENGAGEMENT 2021 AWARDS with 4 gold and 5 silver wins. B2B Relationship Marketing (Gold), B2B Engagement Strategy (Gold), Best use of Technology (Gold) and Rewards & Incentives (Gold), B2C Relationship Marketing, CRM Strategy for our clients.


Dedicated to “Innovating Partner Relationship Management. Digitalizing B2B Channel Ecosystems. Leveraging CRM, Loyalty and Relationship Marketing.”

  • 15+ Years in Channel, CRM and Loyalty Marketing business
  • 80+ Markets covered across APAC, EMEA and NA
  • 40+ Top-tier Clients served
  • 15+ Partner Networks collaborating
  • 100+ B2B Channel Loyalty & B2C Programs launched
  • 50+ Awards in Strategy, Marketing and Technologies
  • 70+ Experts serving across APAC and EMEA
  • 2 times winner of Loyalty & Engagement “Agency of the Year” 2020 and 2021

Partner Relationship Management (PRM) has come of age and ready to accelerate next level of growth in the B2B2C markets. Coupled with CRM and Loyalty, it brings sustainable competitive advantage businesses are searching for.


Chief Executive Officer, PRMMS

We at PRMMS have been innovating Loyalty and CRM programs with Strategy, Marketing and Technology solutions over the past two decades. Our approach is simple – continuous innovation, practical solutions and passionate engagement. Committed to our clients, compliant to highest industry standards, we are globally local. Our pursuit in search of excellence in PRM frontiers continues…

JB RAY - Chief Executive Officer

Building personalized connections in a digital eco-system allows automation and use of innovative technology with business focus that adds relevance and exclusivity. With shifting market conditions, we need to keep up with digital trends and futureproof your global loyalty solutions and marketing needs.

Carolin Chan

VP, Strategy & Marketing

Through the years, we have worked with our clients to design, deploy and manage their PRM and CRM programs. We understand the value and success you need to create to engage and retain your customers that are mutually rewarding and most of all personalized and relevant to market needs. The path to achieving this seamless integrated eco-system is paved with a combination of technologies, data, people, and your business value. COVID has changed the way we think and behave but it has also proven that we can inspire through pivotal times to adapt with this change where it presents opportunities to reassesses and innovate. Technology will always be a fundamental element of our solutions, but it is also through the change process that emulates the value of your business and value propositions.

CAROLIN CHAN - VP, Strategy & Marketing

At PRMMS, Technology leads and drives next-generation solutions and programs with pre-built customizable tools and modules aligned with our client's business strategies and direction. Innovation and productization are at the core of our technology evolution.

Binesh George

Chief Technology Officer, PRMMS

Over the past 15 years, I have been closely associated with each growth and unique learning opportunity with PRMMS. I have made every interaction progressive to make CRM and PRM programs simpler and better solutions. The technology team at PRMMS remain flexible, agile, and adaptive to meet our client's needs, provide superior solutions, and propel business growth.

BINESH GEORGE - Chief Technology Officer

At PRMMS we build strong partnerships with our clients, suppliers and employees. Our loyalty blueprint is to build create program value and deliver greater ROI.

Jessica Lee

Global Account Director, PRMMS

Having a loyalty program is a concrete way to encourage customers to continue to patronize your brands. Focus on myriad of strategies to attract, maintain and retain customers in both immediate and longer terms. Drives sales and increase your brand value through PRMMS suite of loyalty and relationship marketing services and technology solutions.

JESSICA LEE - Global Account Director

Let Us Help Your Business Build A Stronger Partnership

We will help you develop the right B2B or B2C loyalty relationship marketing strategies for your business. And, together, let’s unravel new and rewarding opportunities.



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