Accelerating Partner Training & Certification With PRM

PRM Motivates Training & Certification

Partner Training And Certification Is An Essential Pillar

Training and certifications are becoming an integral part of the long-term B2B partner enrichment process. It helps to bring brand value to a broader partner network. Through training and certification, partners bring consistency in product knowledge, brand message, quality, and trust to the market and customers.

B2B partner organization complexity varies across industries and markets. Partners need their sales, support, and marketing staff to get trained and certified to remain preferred partners. A brand-certified partner team manages the product sales and support efficiently and enhances the partner’s value. A well-designed PRM program helps achieve these objectives efficiently.

PRM Enhances Training And Certification Values

There are three essential steps brands drive to engage partners in the training and certification process.

  • Engage
  • Educate
  • Enrich

First, engage partners through a PRM program to reach out and interact easily. Using the communication tools, PRM program can reach out to partners and encourage them to fulfil their training and learning requirements. PRM program can track and communicate partners’ training and certification progress. Using the program, you can alert the Partners proactively on reaching milestones or targets as set. You can further engage by including tangible and intangible incentives for reaching the milestones.

Second, partner education is vital when dealing with an extended partner network that can be physically and culturally wide and diverse. Today, new products and services are introduced more frequently then past. Hence, continuous educations are essential for partners to stay up to date. By having a standardized training and certification process, brands bring consistency irrespective of where partners are located. PRM solutions can integrate and track downstream training and certification activities to motivate and reward partners individually.

Lastly, enriching partners with knowledge to do the job is fulfilling and beneficial to their business. The partners’ success and satisfaction make the brand more potent and have lasting relationships with the partners.

Digitalization Accelerates Training And Certification Adoption.

Since training and certification processes can be integrated with PRM programs, this speeds up the organization’s ability to assess and measure partners’ training requirements and performance and respond accordingly. With access to digital and on-demand learning tools, libraries, assets, and content, brands truly enable channel partners to acquire knowledge quickly, which was previously expensive and limited. This also improves channel marketers’ efficiency in supporting and managing partners. PRM programs personalize training and certification for each partner. A well-designed PRM program also promotes training and certification which integrates with partners’ core objectives and KPIs. Using the PRM program, brands can incentivize and motivate partners to get trained and certified. This help both brand and partners to achieve their business objectives.

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